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Delivery is made by Fedex within 10 working days
Shipping costs are 5 Dollar! From an order value of 100 Dollar the delivery is FREE of charge
You will receive notifications about your order status by mail and of course you have the possibility to view your order status via your customer profile.
Deliveries within Germany have no Tracking Deliveries in the USA have tracking


To make a complaint or return, please contact our service department.
1. order that should be canceled has not yet the status "Shipped" Contact us at mail@beyondmatters.com 2. order that should be canceled has already the status "Shipped" From the receipt of the goods you have the option within the statutory period to submit a revocation to us and send the goods back to us again
Yes, the return costs are to be borne by the customer himself
Cards or beads can be exchanged within 14 days, patches/patches can only be exchanged in original packaging.
From the receipt of the return, we will refund the purchase amount to you within 5 business days. When your money will be credited to you depends of course on your payment provider (Paypal, credit card etc.).


No, this is not possible
By selecting your preferred payment option in the checkout area and completing the payment process
By entering in the checkout


On this Link you can registered https://beyondmatters.de/account/register
Yes! After your login you can change your contact details in the customer profile
In the "Login" process Step 1: Click "Forgot password" Step 2: Enter "Your email address" that was used at the time of registration Step 3: Open email inbox with password recovery message and follow steps
In this case, please contact our support at: support@beyondmatters.com We will delete your personal customer data.


Our Adress is: Beyond Matters® GmbH/Liquid Lighted Love LLC | 2770 Arapahoe Road | Str. 132-500 | Lafayette | CO 80026 | USA
You can contact us from Monday to Friday at this Number in the Time 10 o'clock to 18 o'clock
Contact Us: mail@beyondmatters.com and for the Return of our Products please write a mail to : support@beyondmatters.com


Don’t expose the patch to direct sunlight. Keep it at normal room temperature and out of the reach of children.
The Beyond Matters patch should be worn for a maximum of seven days, but only as long as 100% comfort and well-being are ensured. Allergic reactions have only been reported in extremely rare cases. Remove the patch as soon as you feel no longer 100% comfortable.
The patches contain no chemical ingredients and are latex-free
As a precaution, people who are taking strong painkillers or undergoing chemotherapy should not use a Master patch
Absolutely. The effects of the patches complement each other perfectly.
The patches are specifically designed for humans, the animal products are slightly different and therefore more effective.
It is possible to take a shower or swim without taking off the patch. Please pat dry only and do not rub.
The skin must be dry and free of grease, thick hair should be trimmed but not shaved off to avoid skin irritation. If you experience itching, blisters and reddening of the skin or other negative reactions, please remove the patch immediately and consult a doctor, therapist or naturopath. The Beyond Matters patch must not be applied to body orifices, wounds, open or particularly sensitive skin areas, acute skin changes or diseases and is not to be used as a bandage. The patch should not be used on irritated and generally sensitive skin. The affected area of skin should be cleaned thoroughly immediately after removing the patch.
There are no known side effects.
"The Beyond Matters patch consists of artificial silk with a skin-friendly adhesive applied to the skin side. It contains no other ingredients and substances, especially no medication. Allergic reactions have only been reported in extremely rare cases. Remove the patch as soon as you feel no longer 100% comfortable."
Size: 2,5cmx2,2cm Wheigt: 4,5 gramm

In den Pflastern ist eigentlich überhaupt keine Substanz enthalten.
Sie sind eine echte quantenphysikalische Software aus Energie- und Informationsmustern. Das einzige Physikalische ist das Material des Softwareträgers, in diesem Fall das Pflaster selbst. Sie sind getestet, um antiallergisch und latexfrei zu sein.

Da unsere Pflaster die Intelligenz Ihres bio-energetischen Systems unterstützen, ist es Ihr eigenes System, das den gesamten Prozess reguliert. Deshalb haben wir auch bei empfindlichen Nervensystemen noch von keinen Schwierigkeiten gehört.


The card is made of plastic, similar to a bank card.
The card should be worn directly on the body, which is not usually the case when it is stored in a wallet.
We are not aware of any disruptive impact.
3 months for Balance, 6 months for all other cards.
The cards can be combined very well and complement / support each other in their effect.
There is a preliminary study on the patches Power Booster and Balance, which shows a clear and impressive effect. Details can be found here (link)
"Lenght: 3,1inx2,0in weight: 0,3oz"
Yes, that works very well.


The bead is made of colored glass
Yes, that is ideal.
Balance 3 months, Beyond-A 6 weeks, all other 6 months
The bead is as sturdy as regular glass. It usually breaks when it hits a stone floor, but survives everything else without any problems.
"lenght: 0,4inx0,4in weight: 0,2oz"
We are not aware of any disruptive impact
Unlike traditional beads, the Beyond Matters bead serves as a "data carrier" for the Beyond Matters bio-energetic software and is therefore energetically interactive.
No, unfortunately it doesn‘t
A bead can be easily worn on a bracelet or a necklace. You can also attach it to a ribbon and wear it in the pocket of your pants/ have it under your pillow at night.  You can wear your card in the pocket of your pants or your shirt and have it under your pillow at night.  

Dog Tag

Yes, experience has shown that it even works on wolves.
It is made of lightweight plastic.
Wear at all times Ideally place under your pillow at night. This can lead to restless sleep through intense dreams in the first few nights. In many instances sleep can then become much more restful than before
When the condition or behavior begins to change for the better.
Beyond-A 6 weeks, all other 6 months.
We don't know anything about this yet.
No your dog have no risk when he use the Tag
"lenght: 1,0inx1,0in weight: 0,2oz. Depending on the breed, a dog could choke on it in much the same way as anything this size."
Yes, unless the dog's nervous system is out of balance due to toxic stress or something similar

horse bead

The bead is made of colored glass.
Ideally, the bead is braided (directly or on a ribbon) into the mane and then secured very well with a hair tie. Since the horses like to fight or nibble on each other, we recommend checking regularly whether the rubber is still in place.
Balance 3 months, Beyond-A… ?, all other 6 months.
The bead is as sturdy as regular glass. It usually breaks when it hits a stone floor, but usually survives everything else without any problems.
"lenght: 0,4inx0,4in weight: 0,2oz"
We are not aware of any disruptive impact
In contrast to conventional beads, the Beyond Matters bead serves as a "data carrier" for the bio-energetic software from Beyond Matters and is therefore energetically effective and interactive.
No, unfortunately it doesn‘t.
You can braid the bead into the mane of your horse. Braid one strand first and slip the bead over it and towards the hairline. Then take this and two other strands and braid them. Fix the braid with a hair tie.If your horse enjoys living in a herd, try to hide the bead under the mane as sometimes horses enjoy nibbling at the bead.  Not enough mane? Try the tail. 

About Us

Guided by my ability to see and sense energy patterns, I worked with my clients, shifting unbalanced patters, re-aligning them with their divine blueprint. After seeing similar patterns repeated over and over with so many individuals in all walks of life, it became clear how these were related to specific challenges people were dealing with. In the desire to support a larger number of people in their journey and raise of consciousness, I started to develop the products as a “Quantum Shift to-go”.
It is our intention to support our customers with life´s challenges. Moreover, it is my intention to get people in touch with the concept of Quantum Physics that for the majority is still behind the curtain of what we often call “real live”. I want to make them curious how a raise in energy and focus, that even “non-believers” can experience with our Power Booster, can happen. I want to make them aware that Quantum Physics offers explanations and that the “experts” that negate this truth might be just as wrong as those who have fiercely fought for the truth that our planet is flat as plate. They also were “mainstream”, well supported by the powerful and seemingly with strong arguments – until they were proven to be wrong 


They are like an energetic “software” for the bio-field that is encoded into the physical patch, bead or card. These multi-dimensional Quantum products address and harmonize patterns and information causing disturbances and interfering with your well-being / self-healing / regeneration or energetic balance / harmony.  Like a virus scan on your computer, it recognizes certain energy patterns and frequencies in the bio-energetic system and dissolves or harmonizes them (e.g., stress patterns)
The software is a multi-dimensional holograph that are built in the quantum field and collapsed into the matter of the patches or beads or cards
Each product contains a certain amount of energy. As it is continuously supporting your system, the energy – just like any battery - is simply used up after a certain time. The duration time is the guaranteed minimum, but we have often heard that they can last longer. 
I tested many different potential carrier materials. Interestingly glass & plastic were the only ones able to completely hold the complexity of this multidimensional quantum-pattern stable for the time needed. It would disintegrate at various rates in different materials.  Other alternatives that work just as well would have been gold or diamonds. 
Each species has their own software, which is most effective to use. There is some overlap, but not too much.
It depends on the individual user as well as the situations they face. Most people see a lasting effect of the Balance product after using it for a while. Unusually challenging life situations can lessen this effect of course. In that case, simply use a Balance patch as additional support. The Master product we recommend wearing continuously as e.g., the exposure to harmful substances or EMF is repeated almost daily.  About 90% experience a lasting effect from Beyond A. 
There are generally no known contraindications except as specifically mentioned with a product.  

Nicht während der Einnahme von Chemotherapeutika oder Schmerzmitteln verwenden.

Nicht kontinuierlich bei Kindern/Tieren unter 1 Jahr anwenden.